Weyers & Borms About us

Weyers and Borms are known for their unusual approach to applied art and design. Quite early on, and based on their curiosity or entirely coincidentally, they mixed elements from the plastic arts with pure and thus sometimes rather dull craftsmanship. Their sense of adventure leads them to an artistic vernacular that is both archaic and contemporary where the story and/or concept plays an important role, but not necessarily so.
They find it very hard to deal with an excessive focus on the consequences of things. Often, elements are taken from the exact sciences that have been 'forgotten'. For instance, formulas on how to make explosives are taken from old texts of the British scientist Roger Bacon and processed into ... sugared almond baskets or ashtrays.

An abandoned and overgrown track leads to an interesting site or an abys... At the edge of the cliff, you have the choice between enjoying the view or jumping. In some cases, this philosophy results in works of art that have strayed from the path of applied art and which are more at home in the world of plastic arts.
Despite the fact that Weyers and Borms have never embraced the strict separation between plastic and applied art, a distinction seems to ba desirable, not in the least to give the viewer a clearer image of the various facets of the creativity of both artists.

A while ago they summed up their work in one sentence, "Trust us, we don't know what we're doing..."

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